Using Assistive Technologies to Serve Special Needs Students in the Library

presented by Julie Monahan

Wed, Jan 18, 7pm - 8pm
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Program Description: It is important that the library is a place that meets the learning needs of all students. Attend this webinar to learn how you can make small changes to your library by adding assistive technologies and other devices that help your special needs students maximize their access to library resources.

CPDU Request: CPDUs can be requested by all persons who attend the live session. Log into the session using your full real name, so a record of your attendance is made. Click on the CPDU link at this wiki to access the form and more information.

About Julie: Julie Monahan is an Assistive Technologies manager for the Chicago Public Schools Office of Special Education & Supports. In her position, she makes recommendations for assistive technologies and devices to support the learning requirements of special needs students. She, also, monitors the field for the latest developments in assistive technologies and is a frequent presenter on the topic.

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