Two Libraries, One Voice

presented by Shannon Miller & John Schumacher

Thurs, Nov 17, 7pm - 8pm
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Program Description: Even though Shannon Miller and John Schumacher’s students live 338 miles apart, they connect multiple times throughout the week. This session explores the collaborative tools they use to connect their students with each other and schools around the world. They will share stories and provide tips on how to make collaboration work.

CPDU Request: CPDUs can be requested by all persons who attend the live session. Log into the session using your full real name, so a record of your attendance is made. Click on the CPDU link at this wiki to access the form and more information.

About Shannon: Shannon McClintock Miller is the district teacher librarian and technology specialist at Van Meter Community School in Van Meter, Iowa. She encourages her students to have a voice while learning, creating, collaborating, and connecting to others within their school and around the world. In March 2011, Shannon was awarded the Connecting People Shorty Award.

About John: John Schumacher is a teacher-librarian at Brook Forest Elementary School in Oak Brook, Illinois. He believes in treating each child with respect and dignity. For him, teaching is about reaching each learner, no matter what it takes. He creates a learning environment where children feel safe and comfortable, yet daring enough to take risks. He wants children to believe in themselves, and realize that they can set their own goals and achieve them. John is a 2011 Library Journal Mover and Shaker.

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